1-Minute Microwaved Scrambled Eggs? Sure, You Can

I belief mrslarkin. In case you’ve made her Cinnamon Scone Bread or her Mozzarella in Carrozza, so do you.

So I used to be optimistic—however nonetheless skeptical—once I noticed her put up on (Not)Recipes for a one-minute, single-serving scrambled egg made within the microwave. However there was proof!

Amazingly scrumptious, fluffy, fast and simple microwave scrambled egg.

In a 2 cup glass measuring cup, soften a small quantity of butter (like a 1/eight” pat). Add a splash of cream. Milk, half and half, or water will most likely work. Add one massive egg. Small pinch of salt. Beat properly. Microwave on excessive for about 1 minute, stirring each 15 seconds (THIS IS IMPORTANT SO DO IT.) You possibly can add some cheese for the final 15 seconds or so. It is the right dimension for a toasted English muffin, FYI.

Here is how she does it:

I might examine different strategies for micro-scrambling (that is the time period, proper?), however most use extra eggs and ask you to stir much less steadily. Mrslarkin’s methodology is wise since you stir vigorously each 15 seconds—which prevents the eggs from cooking erratically or changing into one huge soufflé. Within the phrases of mrslarkin herself…

I actually did not know there are different strategies to do that. I sort of simply transferred my identical strategy of scrambling in a pan to scrambling within the microwave: Soften butter, beat the egg with slightly liquid, a splash of salt, and stir quite a bit. Within the microwave model, I selected to stir vigorously as a result of microwave cooking tends to have scorching spots and a few components of no matter you prepare dinner all the time find yourself overcooked and a few components undercooked.

So clearly, I attempted it instantly. My egg took solely 45 seconds whole, and I broke it up on the finish as a substitute of sliding it out of the ramekin as an ideal disk.

The ultimate stir (left) and the plated egg (proper). You possibly can nonetheless see the roundness from the egg coddler.

Tasteful facet egg (left) and not-so-tasteful egg underside (proper).

The ensuing egg couldn’t be mistaken for a slow-scrambled fellow: no almost-wet curds; no actually creamy issue. These eggs have been of the fluffier and drier selection—nonetheless smooth, however extra of a pillow than a lake backside; extra of the air than of the ocean. They jogged my memory of breakfast buffet or summer time camp eggs—I believe it is that they steam a bit within the microwave.

You can also make a scorching breakfast in a sparse kitchen (like a lodge or dorm room) and solely soiled one dish, and the result’s forgiving and dependable (the identical cannot be mentioned of microwave-poaching: “It is tremendous tough to attain poached egg perfection within the microwave,” says mrslarkin, “and I’m a poached egg perfectionist”).

And mrslarkin’s proper in her (Not)Recipes caption: Micro-scrambled eggs can be excellent on a sandwich. Their relative dryness means they will not run in every single place or sog up your bread and, for those who do not break them up on the finish, they’re going to come out of the microwave in a tidy little circle, nice for an English muffin or a bagel. “You can most likely prepare dinner this in a mug, and pin it to your things-to-microwave-in-a-mug Pinterest web page. ;)” she added.

Sure, sure you might:

Would you—have you ever—cooked an egg within the microwave? Inform us about it within the feedback beneath.

As a result of we’re all in want of an extra-simple, 1-minute breakfast for rushed mornings, we’re rerunning this microwave scrambled eggs recipe; it initially debuted on June 12, 2016.

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